Who We Are

Nabaa UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) established in 2015 to support the most marginalised groups of refugees and displaced communities in the Middle East.  Its main focus currently is on the Lebanon and Syria.  All refugees are vulnerable, but some groups are at particular risk including the women, children and disabled people we help.
NABAA Values
Our work is guided by our beliefs and commitments to be:

Highly effective: We see ourselves as catalysts of change, to make the most significant positive impact possible with the limited resources available. This means that we are strategic in how we use our resources. We concentrate on addressing priority issues and focusing on those with the greatest need. We also ensure that we are accountable on how the resources are used.
Empowering: We seek to strengthen opportunities and address the vulnerabilities of those we serve. This includes encouragement, development of skills and access to resources for self-sufficiency.
Interactive: We recognize the importance of good relationships and strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. We seek to put those we are serving first whilst being respectful and learning from others.

NABAA UK Principles of Engagement:

  • To develop partnerships and networks in order to provide care and support for the vulnerable and the most marginalised
  • To enable the participation, engagement and inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalised people within their communities
  • To address the underlying causes of vulnerability and strengthen existing capabilities
  • To meet the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised through effective community-based service delivery and social protection mechanisms