Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances

According to UNICEF (2009) ‘an estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse’. FOR has made working with Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDC) a priority. CEDC, a term coined by UNICEF, describes children who are affected by poverty, disaster, armed conflict or abuse. It includes children who are marginalized, orphans, refugees, displaced, sexually exploited and in illegal or exploitative labour.

By assisting children that are at risk and addressing the root causes of their vulnerability we can prevent them from being marginalized within their own communities.

Nabaa UK’s vision regarding its work with children is guided by the Convention of the Rights of the Child. Nabaa UK considers this rights-based approach to be holistic and child centred, and within the framework of the Convention will focus on survival, development, protection and participation of children.  We recognize that by progressing in this approach, a community response is integral to sustainable programming.