Vulnerable Women

In many difficult circumstances, women can find themselves in an extremely vulnerable position.  They also bear a disproportionate burden of the world’s poverty. The imbalance of power in gender relations can lead to the oppression and marginalization of women both inside the family structure and in the community in general.

In many cases, refugee women and young girls are also exposed to a variety of stressful situations that affect their legal and physical protection as well as their psychological and material well-being. These situations include physical debility, physical safety, emotional stress and socio-psychological effects such as trauma due to separation or death in the family. They also have to deal with changes in women's roles and the limitations often found in the new environment such as lack of adequate food, shelter, health care and social services.  Special attention needs to be given to these women to address these specific needs.

Nabaa UK’s committed response to this is based on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).  It is dedicated to ensuring rights for women, so they can experience freedom of discrimination and equality under the law. Achieving rights and equality for women is key to the survival and development of children and to building healthy families, communities and nations.