Youth and Adolescents

The Middle East has the ability to shape the future by investing in its youth. With more than half of the region’s people under the age of 25, the Middle East has the opportunity to strengthen its economies, empower its citizens and guarantee the fundamental rights of all within its borders.

The regular conflicts in the Middle East have shaped its history, affecting the present and future of each citizen. In addition, within families, conflict may be left unresolved because of poverty, cultural norms or ignorance.  This leaves individuals unable to address either the causes or the outcomes. Moreover, tension has increased in the last two years due to the unstable political situation in the region and in Lebanon and this sometimes leads to direct conflict.

Nabaa UK’s objectives for youth and adolescents are:

  • To provide a holistic education for youth and adolescents so they can achieve their full potential.
  • To promote leadership qualities and character development amongst youth so that they channel their energies towards socio-economic progress and growth of the nation.
  • To hold community discussions and identify collaborative needs
  • To motivate youth to act as a focal point for the dissemination of knowledge in rural areas and involve them in the nation building process